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Financial Planning

The key to your financial stability in Israel. Labinsky Financial recognizes that your financial plan is unique to your situation and needs. We help you set your financial goals and create your plan. We guide you via our six step process by asking the important questions so that you can identify your true needs. And then we give you the tools so that you can help yourself live within your budget. We work with you to reduce your debt and ensure that your insurance meets your needs without you paying extra for unnecessary cover.

Achieving Your Financial Goals Via Your Unique Financial Plan

OK, so you’ve made the conscious decision to take control of your finances. You’ve assessed your financial strengths and weaknesses to help you identify what areas you need to work on immediately, and you’ve started to think about creating a financial plan to get back on track. But what exactly is a financial plan and how can it help you to make better, more financially sound decisions?

A financial plan helps you to understand where you’re holding and in what direction you’re heading. But even more importantly, it helps you to identify what’s important to you financially and how to start planning on reaching those critical financial milestones.

We are constantly amazed by how people can plan every aspect of their lives, their daily routine, their vacations, their professional development, but nevertheless skip over all semblance of planning their finances.

At Labinsky Financial we help you to develop a financial plan by starting with your desired financial accomplishments. Setting financial goals means translating your needs and wants into quantifiable and measurable goals to help you improve your quality of life.

This new found financial awareness will help you to focus on what needs fixing now, and assist you in setting up concrete financial goals for the future.

Our Six Step Process

At Labinsky Financial, we work with you on a six step process to getting back on track.

  1. Start building a financial plan by looking at all areas of your life, to help you identify your financial strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Begin turning your needs and wants into quantifiable and measurable goals to help you improve your quality of life.
  3. Create your own Net Worth Statement, which lists your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe). The difference between your assets and your liabilities is your net worth, and it will become an invaluable financial tool helping you to monitor your progress as you achieve your goals.
  4. Use your bank statements, credit card bills and check stubs to create a monthly cash flow statement. This summary will tell you where you are spending and give you insight into what changes you might want to make.
  5. Once you know how much you’re spending versus how much you’re earning, you’ll be able to create a budget to help you prioritize your expenditures. Your budget framework will become the single most important factor in helping you to live within your means and achieve your goals.
  6. Create a reward system to reinforce your new habits. While you might not love financial planning, it can help to inject some necessary fun into the process. For example, once you’ve achieved a goal, celebrate in a fun but sensible way by enjoying a night out or a family tiyul.

Important Questions

This new found financial awareness will help you to focus on what needs fixing now, and assist you in setting up concrete financial goals for the future.

Debt Management

The moment you decide to manage your debt, rather than let it manage you, you have taken a huge step in the right direction. Whereas there can be a great range in the degree of debt, with the right planning and proper implementation you can be released from what will become an increasingly heavy burden.

At Labinsky Financial we take the time to sit with you and understand the many aspects of your personal financial situation. We painstakingly go through all your expenses and balance them against your income in order to help you get your financial situation under control. We will make suggestions as to how you can reduce your spending effectively. Labinsky Financial provides you with planning resources that will be your guide and structure to a more stable financial future.

You have decided to manage your debt, now take the next step and act on your decision. You will be amazed at how quickly you see the positive results and benefits.

Your Insurance

Insurance is a crucial part of every well-rounded financial plan. Having sufficient insurance means that your assets are protected – and in this case your primary assets are your earning power and your ability to care for yourself and your family.

Your insurance needs are specific to your situation and your stage in life. Although ideally your comprehensive insurance package will be tailor-made to suit your requirements, it must be reassessed for each different stage in life.

When newly married with a young family, your insurance needs may be very different to what you will require when approaching retirement. As a young family you will need the security of life insurance and disability pension to ensure that your family will be able to function effectively in the most adverse situation. Your concerns as you approach retirement are directed more towards your ability to sustain your desired lifestyle, in the event that you have no salary or employment income.

At Labinsky Financial we evaluate from a different perspective how much insurance you need, in order to plan the most effective coverage. With the right insurance you can rest assured that another part of your financial plan is in place.

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We make sure that your assets are best positioned to give you the returns you need, when you need them.  

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It is never too early to plan for your retirement. With our professional guidance you will have the correct plan for when you really need it.

Pre And Post Aliyah​

Join the thousands of olim who are living financially secure lives in Israel, having benefitted from our vast knowledge and experience.  

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