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We are thrilled to offer you this TOTALLY FREE online resource via the tabs above, based on Baruch Labinsky’s critically acclaimed book, “A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel”. Those who prefer to read a book rather than a screen can buy the book here.


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Financial Planning​

We help you set your financial goals and give you the tools to help yourself be financially secure.

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We make sure that your assets are best positioned to give you the returns you need, when you need them.  

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It is never too early to plan for your retirement. With our professional guidance you will have the correct plan for when you really need it.

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Join the thousands of olim who are living financially secure lives in Israel, having benefitted from our vast knowledge and experience. 

Praise for "A Financial Guide to Aliyah and Life in Israel"

“Recommended for all English-speaking olim. Don’t leave home without it.”

Israel National News

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“Labinsky hits a home run with his Guide … a fantastic book for Olim and those who want to be Olim.”

Globes online,
Israel’s business news

Natan Sharansky

“with its breadth of useful information, critical tools and thoughtful advice (this book) will help make your aliyah a success.”

Natan Sharansky

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